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Bourns Introduces Nine New Lines of High-Current Shielded Power Inductors

Time:2020-03-26 Views:1082
Bourns, a world-renowned leading manufacturer and supplier of electronic components, announced on March 24 that it has added nine new SRP power inductor series products. These new SRP inductor series are designed to meet the requirements of high current and low emissions in a small form factor. The construction of Bourns‘ newest inductors consists of a coil of round or flat wire wound with an integrally formed iron-based magnetic metal alloy powder core. This type of construction features magnetic shielding, high current capability, compact size, low noise and excellent temperature stability.

®SRP1040VA and SRP6030VA inductors are manufactured with a new metal alloy powder formulation and an outer layer surrounding an enamel coil. This innovative metal alloy powder formulation can increase the operating temperature to 180°C (including self-heating). This makes these AEC-Q200-qualified inductors suitable for a variety of high-temperature environments and high-reliability designs including LED lighting, DC/DC converters, and power supplies. Inductance ratings are offered in the range of 0.47–22 µH.
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