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  Founded in 2008, our company specialize in R&D, production ,sales of power choke and cores.
       Factory are located in Shenzhen (SMD Power Choke & Coils), Henan ( SMD Power Choke & Coils ) , Hunan (AEC-Q200 SMD Power Choke & Coils ) and Kunshan (Flat Type Mini Choke),  We provide customers with customized product and optimize process to provide shorter delivery time. With more than 400 staff, we will integrate all the factory resources and provide one-stop production for our customers. We have established a unified external sales and service center in Shenzhen. At present, customers are all over in various cities in China and overseas markets.
  The company has advanced production equipment, high-precision testing equipment and the ability to develop innovative products.
  The factory has completed management system. All products conform to RoHS3.0, HF, SVHC etc.. and consequently are all unleaded and halogen free. Materials and products will undergo component analysis and reliability verification to improve product reliability requirements.
  Quality, innovation, speed, service" is our competitive elements. We provide customized services, high quality products and competitive prices to meet our customers and collectively expand markets. We sincerely welcome your presence, negotiation and guidance.